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A bunch of fucked up lesibians that are oddly obsessed with boys but still lesbians, they say people call them the toorak rich bitches but they are the only ones that say that bc they want to feel rich. Remember that time when the maths teacher tensed his pecs for the maths class ? Toorak =fucked lesbians
mum: sending you to toorak college next year

Kid: *goes to kill em' selves*
by Gblight6 March 20, 2017
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Toorak College is a great school that people like to make fun of because they’re jealous. It has good teachers and classes and yeh it gets boring but c’mon what school is fun. People talk about how the kids who go there are lesbians and obvs some of them would be, but maybe people who say the kids are lesbians just aren’t sure of their own sexuality. In the future when kids who go to shit schools grow up they’re gonna look back and realise how they were just jealous.
Kid: All kids who go to Toorak are fucked up lesbians

Kids brain: fuck I think I might be a lesbian

Public school kid: Toorak is such a shit snobby school

Toorak girl: Fuck you bitch *secretly hurt

*15 years later

Public school kid: Fuck i can’t get a good job cos of how shit my education was

Toorak girl: *has a good job and is happy Told you so bitch

Toorak college: a good school
by Fuckgirl2.0 October 17, 2019
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