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When you organize a sex act at Toonfest where you get 1 girl and 3 guys (the max the trolley will fit in-game), take her behind the Toontown Rewritten stand, and each guy fills one of her 3 holes with his cock, the max the girl will also conveniently fit too. You then each race to cum first. When each person cums, to mark their spot in the rankings, they need to yell their favorite Disney NPC character's in-game sound effect. When everybody is finished "riding the trolley, you then take out all of the cum and smear it on the girl's face as if she got pied in the face by a toon.
Yo, me, Jimmy, and Carl all Toontown Trolley'd this girl at Toonfest. Although, it was kind of awkward when Carl yelled "GAWRSH!" when he blew his load.
by OswaguSRL October 14, 2017
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