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Prospective mothers who opt to have an elective caesarean section rather than give birth vaginally. The women who make this choice are usually thought to be of higher class and wealthier. The choice for a c-section is made because it's thought to be more convenient as well as less painful and distasteful.
Victoria Beckham and Britney Spears are two celebs who are too posh to push. Can you blame them? Being all stretched out down there sounds kinda awful.
by cherryblossom November 13, 2007
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A negative connotation made to describe the choice many women have for an elective caesarean, rather than grunting and screaming for hours like they portray in the movies.
Saying "Too posh to push" is usually said by men who will never know the physical demands of pushing a child's head through their body. Similar to pushing a bowling ball through a straw.

Imagine passing an 8 pound baby out of your A-hole. Just try.
by LuckyLove*** March 09, 2010
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