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Tone police are people who focus on (and critique) how something is said, ignoring whether or not it is true.

They will discard a true statement simply because they don't like how it was presented. This attitude is prevalent among emotional midgets, mental midgets, liberals and wimps.

They tend to be intolerant of any statement that isn't couched with empty platitudes and butt-kissing, while thinking themselves a model of tolerance. They are often also hypocrites.
Tone police: "You might be right, but since I don't like how you said it, I demand you apologize!"
by jayaranathanman October 04, 2011
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tone police is identified when a person preferably a male with a large structure tries to intimidate a person or group of people with his/her large biceps into order to take control of a situation.
marshi "look at fogz, tone police trying to intimidate us to back off while he bets large on his hand at poker"
by Tomito March 05, 2009
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