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the most perfect couple. they're practically inseparable when they're together. destined for happiness. amazing lovers.

he doesn't take her for granted and makes her laugh. he's the witty one. he's sexy as hell. he's passionate about everything and wont take any crap. he loves to hear her voice.

she makes him laugh. she thinks he is amazing. she loves the sound of his voice. she is the calm one who is passive.

they both believe they are reaching and the other is settling in the relationship.
they will make it for sure.
Michael: Did you see tommy+kira today?
Shelby: Yes, I wish our relationship was as satisfying, fun, and fulfilling as theirs in all aspects.
Michael: Well I'm no tommy.
Shelby: And I could never be a kira.
by kristen smith October 18, 2010
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