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1. one who turns right, and/or left when instructed by the fourth law of gravity (what i say goes) to turn straight.

2. one was killed by ever so famous, johnny hammersticks. (fucking god)

3. one took mike out to dinner, after mike ran three tiresome meters in the olympics.

4. one who goes to the bathroom, but turns left into the female shitter. and comes out to find johnny hammerstick, who grabs him by the neck, takes him to mike, who then calls down isaac newton for the first 4 laws of gravity. Isaac newton then roundhouse kicks like chuck norris, then buries the deceased body.
Mike: OMG, Tim was acting just like tommy noble last night.
Allen: I know, hes lucky we didn't get johnny hammersticks on his bitchass, cunt licking, prill.
by sumwutgodly December 06, 2010
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