Tomeerose is a type of girl who is caring, generous, and sympathetic! She will not back stab you like some people do, she will lend you a helping hand or cheer you up when your sad! She’s a very loveable person to be around with. Although she might be caring, generous, and sympathetic she can be your enemy. Anyone who tries to back stab her or hurt her feelings are just dead. She is nice but can be very mean so it is always good to be on her nice side than her bad side. If a man wants to date her he’s in luck she’s like a house wife and will take good care of you if you hurt her she’ll give you the silent treatment but will forgive you after. So always treat her with respect and love!
Girl: Hey look it’s Tomeerose she’s so nice!
Girl: Yeah but I heard she can be mean if your on her bad side.
by Rain unknown November 8, 2017