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shes a demon and idiotic immature backstabbing bitch that comes to iowa from arkansa and she is frothy and slimy from letting toothless guys screw her in the anus and she runs her mouth with nothing but lies about someone when she knows that someone will whoop her ass..... she will BITE YOUR FINGER ALMOST OFF TO GET U TO STOP HITTING HER..... SHES A BITER!!!!
girl to another girl-"so she was my best friend or so i thought until she decieved me and back stabbed me and she was all slimy and fecal mattery from gettin fukd in her pooper and then playin in it or something and she speaks nothing but lies and knows ill whoop her ass...."

another girl--- wow she must be a tokotooflesssantorumbanger...... shes a biter
by BRITTANYRFANCLUB2010 August 08, 2010
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