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A "funeral" in which a fish or other pet is flushed down the commode.

A "toilet funeral" usually takes place after the "tragic" and "sudden" death of a short lived pet such as a goldfish etc.
Not many words are spoken during a toilet funeral but you can distinctly hear the blessed sounds of water flushing from the Porcelain God.
Imagine your child's fish dies after a day and you're glad that it is gone but your children won't stop whining about it.

To make the whiny bastards feel better you quickly say,"Look we are going to have a "toilet funeral" for Dorothy #1, I mean Dorothy #2, or whatever the number kid..."

"Ok Daddy/Mommy Can we invite my friends over?"

(Flush Noises Repeatedly....)

"Now is good honey"
by THE FLOOSH June 15, 2017
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