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When you make your uncle mad so he convinces you to visit that art museum in paris as part of an elaborate plan to execute revenge when really it was closed but you didn't know that so you go in there and think it's weird that there's no people but don't think too much of it and then you are in the classical art section but you actually think you're in the gift shop so you buy a souvenir but really the original mona lisa and then the next day you see on the news someone stole the mona lisa and you think to yourself what dumb person would do that and while your eating your fruit loops the fbi knocks on your door and they find the painting in your refrigerator and arrest you and you realize you stole the mona lisa.
Remember that time Uncle Randy toenail arted me? Haha! I thought I was going to the electric chair!
by buttcrack!!!!!!!!!! July 02, 2016
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