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a snake and a liar. uses fraud as a means of personal gain no matter how little or much there is to take or the age of his prey. continues to attempt to defraud the multitudes of people that he can reel in with the little charm he possesses. if you want to keep something, don't let him know you have it. uses false tragedies to lure his victims into his web of deceit. caution caution caution! in most cases, likes to experiment with his partners sex toys. todd has a horn growing out the side of his head.
todd dundas is a lying snake.
todd dundas takes money from kids.
todd dundas is a cheat.
todd dundas' picture would be on a milk carton if anyone would care he was gone.
todd dundas' family is not dead. they wish he was.
by pelagic 1 July 30, 2011
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