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when a guy see's a hot girl and wants to do some naughty things to her, he would say "TOAH". the sound is similar to spitting, except no saliva comes out, more like the act of it.
Also, a form of lubrication... This involves spitting on the penis before inserting it into a womens vagina, or ass. this will help things going a little better.
Hey Troy, check out that hot chick over there!!!. Troy says "where?", i say "over there", he looks at her and says a massive "TOAH".
by roboto83 March 21, 2011
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A nice charming lad who is very loyal but may try to put a hole in your water bottle
Boy1: hey he stabbed my water bottle
Boy2:must be a Toah
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by sucfor12buc November 12, 2018
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