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A noun originated from the family name of the prestiege family: "The szmuks"
known worldwide for their ability to make things better.
The "Z" being silent it is pronounced "smuk".
popular in israel and known to be used in north america and italy, an equivalent to "pimping" or "spicing" only with a bit more style.
for example:
1) you "pimp" your car
2) you "spice up" a dish
2) you "szmuk" the smithsonian museum
by adding a few 18th century baroc
classics to the rotchild collection
A: man your new place is nice...
B: yes, only needs a bit of szmuk to
it and it will be perfect..

A: This pasta is delicious!
B: yes! I've szmuked it up with a bit
of truffles..
by Ramon Szmuk April 30, 2005
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