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A person who will love you and not tell you,( likely to have smooth skin really good facial features) but will tell lies upon you if he cant have you for himself but when you get to know him all he wants is you for himself to have and to hold tishon is one of the funny loving guys get your self one even if its just to be best friend.
Yoanna:tishon you are my best friend but sometimes i feel you want more

When you react in such ways , you get jealous for unknown reasons

Tishon: yoanna i love you in ways more than a bestfriend but i know were only on that stage and i dont like to see you with the other guys

Yoanna:well tishon i didnt know you felt that way i love you too but not in such ways

Tishon: i knew you would understand now lets kiss and make up !!

Yoanna: uhhh, tishon were bestfriends

Tishon: jokessss .... love you yoanna
by Monoa July 07, 2017
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