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'tish fact' - a spurious, often fictitious piece of information stated as 'fact' that has little relation to reality, no background and often dismissed out of hand. Directly related to Aatish 'Tish' Pattni's continual statements of fact that serve only to support his argument or current beliefs whilst attempting to either outwit or out-knowledge another 'friend' or member of staff in the office during open debate.
A good example of a 'tish fact' or something that could well be called as such would be to issue a statement without 100% knowing if it is true, then being immediately corrected by a peer only to retort with a similarly farcical background piece of information to support the original fallacy. This could be seen as the opposite of 'digging oneself out of a hole', or rather to make a social 'hole' bigger by continuing to support an argument with lies or further embarrassing statements. Best avoided.

Person 1: "The lunar landings took place in 1978"
Person 2: "No, Apollo 11 landed on the moon in July 1969"
Person 1: "No it was definitely 1978 as Neil Armstrong is a distant relation of mine"

Person 1 has committed him/herself to a line of argument that they cannot support or realise they may have said in error, but only served to compound with a second statement of complete crap! Tish Fact!
by Cheetaz4ever February 17, 2014
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