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A hella hot guy with rock hard abs. Everyone wants to fuck him because he is the nicest and hottest guy of all time...
by Johnnyyyyyynnynyny May 06, 2018
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Tinh-Phong is a name belonging to Vietnamese culture. Tinh-phong but many call him Tin Foil and the reason why is because he has aluminium hard abs. Tinh-phong generally people see him as a mean flaming guy. Tinh-phong is always on the clothe trends and styles. Tinh-phongs are usually working out and studying all day. If you wanted someone to play you piano music he is the guy, if you wanted him to strip he is the guy, and if you wanted him to die for you he is the man. Tinh-phongs will do anything for the person he loves the most. He will: protect, love and care. Anyone who has a boyfriend or friend that's is a Tinh-phong is lucky. Just saying Tinh-phon gs are usually short so watch out.
Tinh-phong use strip on the other girl. Tinh-phongs shiny abs vaporized her.

You are such a Tinh-phong.l
by darklord23 May 30, 2018
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