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A Tieshauna is the queen of all queens. πŸ‘‘ so you better treat her like one. A very soft girl she is indeed but she has a πŸ”₯ side that you don't want to meet. Treat her right or say goodnight. (Ba-bye) She's already endured much pain from males and is searching for Mr. Right. You better be him if you're looking for her. She treats her man like the king of all kings and does all in her will power for him. She puts him before herself so make sure you're worth the time and effort. ⌚
Jason: Tieshauna. No wait...that Queen πŸ‘‘. I wanna be her royal king. I want to be the one that brings her happiness. But how?

Angel: Be her king but treat her like a Queen should be. And be yourself without being a bastard. Love her, till the depths of your soul rub together and know its right. Then Continue loving her. ❀
by Originelle May 07, 2017
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