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lil: ti-ti-ti

kim: if you laugh like that one more time in gunna slap you

lil: ti-ti-ti

hear shot being fired...
by kimmerlytt August 20, 2006
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Inflammation of the entire breast area(s) of a woman due to rough sexual activity on her breasts. Fairly common condition following instense tit fucking sessions.
Boyfriend: "Honey your tits look so good today that I am going to give you a case of tititis like you have never had before!"

Woman: "I love my tits to be fucked hard, but hate when I get tititis because of it!"
by willDuer March 07, 2011
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1The name givin to various conditions of the tits
2one who is wayyyy to proud of her chesticles,
3one who plays with her tits (not that im complaining about that)
Dude look at her squeeze those pieces of meat together! She TOTALY has tititis ,not that im complaining about that..
by el taco tigre February 07, 2009
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Tititis is a very hilarious word. Randomly walk up to one of your friends as watch them die of laughter. Unless you have no friends, than it won’t work.
Girl: Guess what.

Guy: What

Girl: Tititis

Guy: *Dies of laughter*
by Itz_Vivi August 01, 2018
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