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A mean spirited person resembling a female that lives only to make every person she comes into contact with miserable. She is the most ungrateful, hateful, lying, deceitful, conniving, stealing, disloyal, selfish, sleazy, nasty ass, herpes invested, cock juggling, idiotic, backstabbing, two face, hypocritical, narcissistic, egotistical evil bitch from the gates of hell. She is a bitch beyond belief. Usually she is the ugliest thing walking the planet, inside her heart and out. You can smell her coming from ten miles away and the thunder of her vagina slapping together as she walks can be heard across the ocean. Take thundercunt and skank add them together and multiply them by one hundred million trillion zillion and you have a thunderskank.
Mary: Did you hear what a thunderskank that girl Lynn is?
Michael: Really? Why do you say that? She seems so sweet and innocent.
Mary: Haha! Boy does she have u fooled. Because her best friend let her stay with her and her boyfriend and she was caught stealing her belongings & then stole her boyfriend too!! Thats one true thunderskank right there!!
Michael: Now that you mention it I could smell something god awful when she came into town. Yea she is pretty nasty!
by bitchbethany June 26, 2016
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