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A man or woman with an enormous head. Often times associated with an ignoramus. This person is generally obsessed with working out and gets in everybody else's business. They are very demanding and are incapable of doing anything for themselves and often rely on others for advise. Despite frequently asking for help they refuse to acknowledge that they are wrong. Generally they have small ears and eyes, but make up their lack of hearing and sight with their sense of smell. Thumb people often get cravings for foods and therefore combine unrelated foods, creating what they call "food inventions," examples include "cake-tacos," cereal with chocolate milk, and microwavable eggs. also it is said that thumbman is the creator of the blumpkin. Avoid this creature at all costs for they are dangerous and are known to charge at predators. Its mating calls include the bird dance, some form of ridiculous kick-boxing, and the infamous "thizzle face."
and on the seventh day God sneezed the thumbman into existence
by bartleslut October 03, 2010
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