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A person who is constantly undecided, and often wastes large amounts of money on foolish purchases like $7 ice and syrup from Timothy's Coffee or two of the exact same $50 shirt.

A thulham is often found in private schools rocking almost-hipster clothing ie. ripped jorts, crewneck sweatshirts, raybans and supra sneakers.

Derived from the word "thilan" (a guy that will have sex with his parents in the house) and "ham" (an outright idiot), ergo THULHAM.

Synonymous with TOOL-ham.
Eric: Hi, i'll have a extra-large chocolate mocha java blend please.
Barrista: That'll be $7.99 for your cup of blended ice and syrup, sir.
Random onlooker: WOW, WHAT A THULHAM!

Josh: Yo, i can't decide which beater looks cooler, this white beater with black stripes or this even whiter beater with even blacker stripes!!! Maybe i should get both? At $800 each, it's a total steal....
Josh's friend: Wow, you're such a thulham.
by yeahimalbetch August 14, 2011
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