makin a letter or sign wit your fingers, lettin people know wat crew you wit

cripsz would put up 2 C'sz

Bloodsz would put up a b

People from Atlanta would make a A
"throw up your sign, the bloods are comin."

"put your two c'sz up"

"peace up, A town down"
by LocMamii April 08, 2006
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To represent your gang by throwing up (waving around) your fingers and hands in awkward positions which look like shitty shadow puppets. and usually waving them fast enough to lift the 'thrower" into the fuckin' air. usually done before or after a drive-by and the victim has been wasted. in other words a sign of fucking showing your a fuck off.

one could also permanently put there hands into a "sign" posistion by slamming a hammer into them repeatedly, once one hand is smashed, get a good friend or homie to smash the other. BOOYAH!
That foo' jus' threw up his sign. Cap his ass!
by Eric January 13, 2005
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