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Really really really really lose all sense of reality and make a right royal mess of the nursery, toys all over the floor, dummies spat left right and centre, buggies over etc etc.
When people throw the toys out of the pram the resulting outburst usually says more about the author of the outburst than the person(s) it's about - names changed of course.


This PM is from me personally, nothing to do with the club or my position as ******** of this club.

I am afraid that its time some things were set straight for once and for all.

Bottom line is that I dont like you, I did initially as you come across as this petite little child that wouldnt say boo to a goose and you start to open up to you about private things. Then you start to talk to other people and you realise that you have discussed this private information with a load of other people and of course you have twisted it a little.

A lot of us worked this out after that show where we found out that it was you that had said that people were unhappy but then we found that they were fine and that you had made it look much worse.

You are a very clever person in the sense that you are manipulative in what you do, I would have thought that you would have better things to do in your time but it appers not and your immaturity shines through above anything else.

You get the lonely guys wrapped round your finger so that you can get some male support and then use them as your cronies, shame that they cant see you for what you are, the older ones amonsgt us have known what you are like for ages.

I have had complaints about the **** meet that you are unwelcoming and that you sit in your corner in your little clichy group and dont even talk to new members, you sit on the crap thread all day and think its amusing and then tell us that you are busy all day like we dont notice what you are doing ..

You have given up on the **** meet because you cant cope with it and its slowly died a death.

I am glad I have said this as I feel much better now, of course I know that you will go and tell *** , **** and ***** as they are your cronies and dress it up so it looks good so I will make sure that this goes to the people that can see the truth and see you for what you are.

Of course ***** being ***** you will want to go and tell ****** so he feels sorry for you and anyone else that will listen so that you can get support.

You are a very very immature person who has a lot of growing up to do I am afraid and a lot to learn about life, you also try to come across as something that you are not, you are a junior admin at the end of the day.

I dont really have anything else to say to you to be honest

Say hi to *** for me and his TESCO's curries and **** and his escpades with other women
by PNMCDS November 12, 2006
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