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north-east bronx neighborhood in nyc of mostly italian and irish heritage. known for having a bar on every corner and young kids in expensive cars that will deliever just about any drug you need. people are either guidos, wiggers or hardcore kids in this area and there is a large music scene which is ny's best kept secret. jokingly refered to as drugs neck due to the fact that everyone is either high on weed or blown out on coke. outsiders spell it throgs neck but everyone who lives there use 2 Gs. throggs neck is divided into several areas: edgewater park, locust point, silver beach, the four corners and throggs neck blvd. as well as neighboring hoods: pelham bay, country club, hazel towers, waterbury, morris park and pelham parkway. its mainly a middle class area and the streets are clean but watch your step cause it's known to get gully around here. everyone knows everyone around here and unless you live here you just wouldn't understand.
i was born and raised in the throggs neck section of the bronx.

didnt J-Lo go to preston high school in throggs neck?

yea she did but that bitch tries to act like she grew up all ghetto, meanwhile her parents were loaded and she went to a private school like preston, which she refuses to visit now that she's a star.
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