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threadgrader is the one who grades threads on internet forums/message boards. Often imitated but never duplicated he is the real internet hero. You may have seen him post before on or at A lot of niggaz be trying to bite his style and grade threads but dem niggaz aint got teh game nor teh knowledge to do so, you must be highly qualified to up hold such a position as to be a "Grader" He may most likely be the one that starts beef with trolls and mods just for the fun of it. He has no compassion for bitch n1ggas and little emo kids. The n1gga also knows how to mack to the bitches over teh internet because all niggaz from Jersey gots game. The big homie TG is a straight up pimp hustla despite the fact he has an obsession for eating crayons.
This thread suck c0ck! D-

Where the fuck is threadgrader, we need someone to grade/humilate this member?

Damn did you see TG torch that nigga at

Good thread I was highly amused B+
by post_grader May 14, 2007
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