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A person so witty, funny and sarcastic that they can end a facebook thread with a few keystrokes because the person who posted, those who have previously commented and anyone else who views the thread knows that they cannot say anything that will be funnier, wittier or more sarcastic than that said by the thread ender. And to do so would surely be comedy suicide as the thread ender would then come back with an even funnier, wittier and more sarcastic reply.
POSTER - Posts a meme of UK Prime Minster David Cameron sitting on a couch with open body language (legs open, right arm touching face and left arm stretched over couch top) with the punchline 'Feeling horny? Me too'

poster adds his own line 'New Government plans: when you try to search for porn using Google, your computer will be forced to open this in a pop up window'

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REPLYER 1 - Surely this is encouragement. Camerfluff?

REPLYER 2 - That

REPLYER 2 - That's really horrible and I don't want to see that sort of image on my computer.

REPLYER 3 - *set as desktop background*

REPLYER 4 - Eewww.

REPLYER 5 - Congratulations at my first LOL since 2009.

THREAD ENDER - Happy days! my usual search is 'cameron creampie cumshot'

EVERYONE ELSE - silence......
by macdaddie79 July 23, 2013
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