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A small, gay area of downtown Orlando. Most of the people there are flamboyant and can be found on Washington Street sipping mimosas and walking their small dogs. Previously known as "Snortin Park," many of the people who frequent the bars in this neighborhood are grown adults who spend all day serving hamburgers and beer, and spend all night blowing the small amount of money they make on booze and cocaine. Don't let this area fool you, it is very liberal but very clique-y and high school-ish. Most of the residents are gay, or have completely failed at life. Or both.
Hey man, I think I'm gonna go down to Burton's in Thornton Park tonight.

-Why? To bang an overweight girl who smells like bbq food, or to bang an overweight girl who smells like hamburgers?

No, no, I'm going there to bang an aging, alcoholic homosexual this time.
by ashevillesfinest September 13, 2010
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