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Some nigga who outclasses real OG's like Chief Keef and XXXtentacion. This guy can rap harder than an erect elephant cock. If you see this guy when you're with your girl best make sure you have a towel for her panties. You thought ear rape was toxic? Try Thomaz after losing a clutch (once in a lifetime) in Rainbow 6 Siege, when this happens follow the following steps:
Step 1 : Grab Fire Extinguisher (for soundcloud mixtape in background)
Step 2: Lock all doors for he'll be in a raping frenzy.

Step 3: Duct tape asshole close along with mouth (erect elephant cock wasn't a joke)
Step 4: Achieve Gold comp status in Rainbow 6 Siege
Step 5: Call all black people in lobby "retarded monkey's"
Peace Achieved!
Person 1: Y'all heard Thomaz's new mixtape?
Person 2: It's way better than X's new shit I think he's recording rn
Person 1: No he's just raping people rn he lost a comp in Rainbow 6 Siege.
by RealOGAssChiraqNiqqa June 19, 2017
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