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-A middle school located in Fair Lawn.
-Home of the two younger Maggio's, the youngest Strayer, the high school basketball coach's daughter, miss "princess" jersey, and one of the renound Guerreri brothers, but he no longer attends. Just glad to have his famousness to spice up this definition.
-Also home to the most loved art teacher in all the town. (we love w______)
-Where just about every guy you'll meet does either dip--or the newest trend, smoking cigars. Wow, you must be pretty B.A. to do that.
-Where the word syke is overly used.
-Where everyone seems to think they're black, even when they're the whitest of the white.
-Where "get some" seems to be the new catchphrase, and nude pictures fly around.
Bob: Yo, homie. You get some from that Magg girl last night?

Fred: Syke! I was too busy having a dip.

Bob: Ah shit, yo. Did you see that picture that soccer chick with the thighs sent?

Fred: Yea! She was HAIRY. Let's go out and have a smoke.

Bob: Aight, but we best make it quick. Don't forget we gotta go to school tomorrow.

Fred: Yea, home of that girl's song about the wonderful Thomas Jefferson Middle School.

Bob: Syke!
by xoMYsTeRYox May 29, 2008
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