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someone who is overzealous or beast.
Damn Eric you look like a thirst bucket chasing her for 3 blocks for her number.
by Edith T. July 18, 2005
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A guy or girl who kisses somebody's behind for the purpose of gaining what they want. Usually related to money, opportunities, media exposure and for the purpose of dating. Thirst meaning they are salivating over the person or object. Bucket is what the saliva drops into. The combination is a disgusting Thirst filled bucket and that describes the behavior: Gross.
John looks like a thirstbucket chasing a girl that doesn't want him.
by Ruby Cumsille July 17, 2018
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originated in the bronx and can have the following meanings: 1.) The act of being overly anxious for someone or something. Waiting for something with anxiety. 2.) Not being able to wait, too hyped up, and typically over something small or something that doesnt need all the attention that is being given. 3.) Repetitively askin for something although you know its coming or on its way.
You just met that girl last night and you already told her you love her, man your'e a thirst bucket
by cmoneyforever September 24, 2010
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one who is thirsty beyond a thirst. He/she wants some pt (playing time) or some poon
1. Person A is such a thirst bucket man!!!!! He needs some pt or hes gonna get dehydrated!!!!!1
by thirst mcgirst October 22, 2007
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