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1. Refers to the sound "Boingggg".
Ergo, said word is spelled as "Thingymadoileeybobbbbbb" when the user is referring to this particular definition.

2. May be used to substitute a curse and/or swear word.

3. Refers to that specific thing, at that specific time, in that specific place, in that specific manner. It may not be used to refer to that other specific thing. Trust me. It can't.

4. Sexy flying penguin. With wings. Only appears at that specific time, in that specific place, in that specific manner, on the occasion that, indeed, yes, Elvis has left the building. It likes cheese. And fine pottery. It likes cheese pottery. With bread.

Plural Form ~ Thingymadoileeybobz.
1. My shoes just went 'Boingggg'...!
My shoes just went 'Thingymadoileeybob'...!

2. Curse word example. {See Above.}
"Crap, I lost my wallet!"
"Thingymadoileeybob, I lost my wallet!"
May also be used as "D'oh", only longer. Duh.

3. Girl #1: I seem to have lost my thingymadoileeybob.
Girl #2: But you just bought it yesterday!
Girl #1: I know, right? -- Wait, no, not that. That's yesterday's thingymadoileeybob. You can't use 'thingymadoileeybob' to refer to that other 'thingymadoileeybob', ok? That's just wrong. Ugh.

4. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a thingymadoileeybob! *Gasp*

~ Special note: Rare breed of talking thingymadoileeybobz have mated with thingamadoileeypoohs. (Sexy flying pigs.) Beware. Talks in excessive amounts of a language not yet known to Man. Maximum of said excessive amounts is scary. More than the amount of women's.

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by Koolette May 27, 2006
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