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Is it TheMexican27?
Yeah, TheMexican27!
Who is TheMexican27?
Some say TheMexican27 is the first Farmville player ever, born from Latin America.
I heard TheMexican27 can cut grass better by hand than a lawnmower.
I heard TheMexican27 can cut an entire field of grass with a single blow.
But the worst part is, just when you think you're safe, just when you think you might escape; WHAM!!! Just like that!
YOUR FRONT YARD HAS BEEN TRIMMED What!? No no no no no no no no!
BUSHES UNDER ATTACK That's impossible!
YOUR LAWNMOWER HAS BEEN CAPTURED TheMexican27 has captured my lawnmower!
Mine too!
Aw, you guys, I'm sure it's not that bad!
You have no idea what just happened.
I might have some idea...
"Welcome back, TheMexican27"
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by mrpickleston188 February 09, 2017
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