Two female friends who are strangely inseparable, commonly but wrongly assumed in an Ellen sort of way. (Noun)

to thelma and louise (Verb) - two women going everywhere together
Those two girls are joined at the hip. They're thelma and louise-ing it all around town.
by Madame Sosostris June 29, 2006
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Adjective; An exceptionally rare occurence only experienced between the most kindred of spirits. Specifically, when you request your friends hand, said hands are joined, light shines from the divine upon the pair, and sanctimonious farts are released in harmonic unision.
A hypothetical sequence that is likely to result in what is esoterically known as The Thelma & Louise:

Friend A - "Friend, give me your hand."
Friend B - "Unquestionably".
Friend A + B - "*WHOom!*"
..., ..., ...
Friend A+B *giggles uncontrollably*
by guffaud April 23, 2010
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