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Noun: something extremely awesome relating to tumblr fandom blogs such as thefuckingimpala and awesome sauce blog and the origin of this word. Usually thefuckingimpala is used to explain something in the CW television show "Supernatural" featuring an uber sexy wexy cast and an angel named Cas. It can also be used to describe why things happen in Supernatural crossovers with "Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, (God forbid) Homestuck, The Walking Dead, etc." or previously mentioned fandoms alone (though this is rare and is only done by overly obsessed supernatural fans I call Leviathans. Thefuckingimpala is usually shouted with extreme feels
2.Noun: Used as a reason for Supernatural Fandom/ crossover
1. "How did Sherlock survive the fall?" "Thefuckingimpala!"
2. "Why do Dean and Sam always survive, shouldn't they be dead?" "TheFuckingImpala!"
3. "There should totally be a Walking Dead/Supernatural crossover event because THEFUCKINGIMPALA!"
by theartofdeductisms January 07, 2013
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