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Contrary to popular belief, Theatre is a very serious major. BFA students in performance and production work all day, all night, and all weekend to perfect their artforms, and mount shows. It takes balls to be a theare major - particularly an acting major. The average salary of unionized actors is $12 500 a year. You've really gotta love what you do to live in such squalor.
B.A. ENGLISH STUDENT: Hey, you wanna come get drunk tonight?

THEATRE MAJOR: It's Tuesday...

B.A. ENGLISH: Yeah man, I don't have class til 2:30 tomorrow.

THEATRE MAJOR: I have class at 7 am.


THEATRE MAJOR: I'm an acting major.
by Drama_King January 16, 2009
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Major you pick when you want to party through college on your daddy's money. Legitimized by the fact that something like 0.01% of theatre majors might get a guest spot as a dead person on CSI.
Irma: why man do we 'doth bestride the narrow world as a...
Random guy: I said no ketchup on my burger! no ketchup!!
Irma: to be or not to be?
Random guy: d*** theatre majors.
by Anonymous9999 March 06, 2008
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