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The wendy's blitz is a simple maneuver which may be utilized when you a.) do not have money for wendy's or b.) don't feel like spending the money for wendy's. To do this, you pile several people in to a car, and have on strip down naked, and drop them off behind the wendy's. next, you order a boatload of food, and just as the cashier hands the food out the window, you have the naked friend haul ass around the side of the building, take the food and run off into the woods or some secluded place, and you act disgusted to the point where you do not want the food anymore, because youjust saw a nudist make off with your big bacon classic, and then drive to a predetermined meeting point with the streaking theif, and munch out
Stoner 1: Yo, you wanna get a double at wendys or suttin?
Stoner 2: Nah, i aint got the money yo
Stoner 1: It's iight, we can just run the wendy's blitz
Stoner 2: Aiight, le's roll
by random redneck April 23, 2006
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