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This is a long and brutal war that has lasted a generation. it all started in the 50's when the great riots in brighton brought about the mod and rocker war, this was a war that many of your parents were a part of, it was between two types of people. the mods, they ride vespas and wear brown jakets, they are very british. the rockers which were influenced by american culturethis include motor bikes and leather jakets, they loved the rock n roll music. this war lasted many years from the early 50's until the late 70's. it was a long and hard fight. after many years victory was in the hands of the rockers. mods were nearly wiped out. by this time rockers had evolved into moshers. peace had been achieved... for a brief moment.

After few years of relative peace until the 90's a new people, spiecies were born.... the chav had taken the country by storm. they originated in chatam, but they spread. first across the southern countys this was a fairly harmless mix until they started spreading north. this spread and spread until the mosher became a minority.

moshers did not start this war it started by chavs no longer accepting the moshers and startin small fights. after years this exploded. this war was some what worse then the mod rocker war because both sides are accociated with big groups, a small group from either side would be 30 people. big fights are common.
chavs moshers mods rockers the great chav - rocker war
by laststand111 November 18, 2010
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