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There is still hope if you weren't eligible for the baller crew to be accepted in some formal ballerness, there is the baller society. (the def. of the baller crew could not be posted on this site because the site realized it is just too damn baller to be published) To get into this society you have to have shown exquisite ballerness in everyday life, and if you try to hard to be baller to get into this crew, you are definitley not baller. This is so because you can not try hard to be baller it has to come naturally and easy, if it doesn't stop trying! Anyway you know if you should be in this society or not, and of course all the members of the baller crew are automatically granted membership to this society.
The rules of the Baller Society.
1. Do not talk about the Baller Society.
2. Do not talk about the Baller Society.
3. No trons will be permitted into this society.
4. Do not ask me if you are in this society, if there is any question and you are wondering if you are in this society, i will tell you. You are not.
5. If you continually break rule 4 there will be a sore fate for you.
Tim says, "Can i be in the baller society?"
The baller society says, "No tim, you are just not baller enough, maybe someday . . may someday . . ."
by P-tone November 07, 2004
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