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Steve Jeltz was a professional baseball player in the 1980s; he is generally regarded as one of the worst baseball players in recent memory. This belief may not be truly justified, but I digress...

To say somebody is "the Steve Jeltz of (something)" is to say that that person is among the worst in his or her profession, while indicating to the listener that you have some knowledge of baseball history.
About three years ago, I was watching some shitty horror movie with a friend and fellow baseball fan. I became irritated with the remarkably stiff and unconvincing performance of one of the actors, which led me to remark that he was "the Steve Jeltz of actors." Immediately after I said this, that actor yelled "OHHHH NOOOO!" in a hilariously bad voice.

My friend began laughing uncontrollably because of the unintentional, but perfect, juxtaposition of these two events. Since then, we have often referred to people who really suck at certain things as being "the Steve Jeltz of (whatever)."
by C-Mills April 10, 2012
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