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a large male homosapien
ectomorphic body structure ( long and skinny limbs )
concave pectoral muscles

triangular shaped face
pink panther like

very unstable especially when under the influence
occasionally found with flat wet shit instead of hair

it is never seen sober but rather transforms into its alter ego Jacobus Speedstick Els

hobbies: Lineouts , wearing ridiculous hats, extra maths , wearing : jeans , plakkies , no shirt and hat

Is well-known for his bordering on retarded , senseless Facebook statii.
It once experimented with some Hydrogen Peroxide and his very own hair.(Eksperimentele foutjie)
It has been quoted saying : "I am the koos poep"
Only one male specimen (the Koos Poep) has been found thus far however a female specimen with an apparent common ancestor has been spotted once at Kirsty Bouch's house.
by not till bauer at all May 27, 2009
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