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Destiny, like any MMORPG, has levels. The highest level is 400 (called a light level) and some of them are cool, chill, and will help you learn a raid with them if they are new or keep you in their fireteams, crucible, iron banner and trials as long as you aren't the reason they're losing despite your low KD, and they're grown ups with a strong likelihood of having sex with a woman.

The 400 Club is not these people.

The 400 Club is a collective team of assholes similar to a frat made up of overgrown boys with no siblings and trust funds. They are not only 400, but routinely do Kings Fall on heroic and will make you "try-out" for their clan before you can raid with them and will dump you the moment you ask a question or fuck up running even once. And that's the PvE behavior.

The 400 Club behaves this way because it is mostly made up of kids and some in their late teens who check every match and pound their chest at having a high KD like it's a good credit score while always arguing amongst themselves over who's more elite. But feel free to call them out on not getting a lot of sex with girls because they will also claim to be fucking your mom up the ass even though the dudes getting laid would only know about Destiny if you hit them with the box.

And forget about playing Trials. They check stats on like you're a rookie coming into the NFL draft and masturbate (if possible) over being flawless.
IdontPlayALotBecauseIhaveAJob: just left a party full of douches that kicked me for asking what a gun does.

IplayWhenImNotFuckingMyGirlfriend: Sounds like The 400 Club to me.
by JLongUSA January 18, 2017
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