Only the coolest group around, consisting of six girls. This group originated in Coos Bay, Oregon and is the closest group of friends you will find. They enjoy chillin', dancin', YouTubin', pretty much anything. They can usually be found hanging out with the Gruesome Twosome. Watch out though, apparently they are the bitchiest, snobbiest, stuck-up gals around, don't even ask to be in their group...they'll kill you.
"Dood, those snarkies are sooo fucking hXc."

"Whoa! Are you talking about the Snarky Six!?!? Careful man, don't talk to them, they'll tear you apart."
by flybitchnigga August 11, 2008
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like Mean Girls, but ultra-mega rad and "alternative," except that they're actually just giant losers with good clothes.
- "Those six chicks sure are snarky..."
- "The Snarky Six? Yeah, dude, they're like hot..but they know it. You know?"
- "True dat, but they sure know their shit about eyeshadow pallets"
- "For sure"
- "Bitches"
by nbhs-witness March 03, 2014
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