a legendary being with all powerful knowledge and answers to every question that should be shared with the world. when they find out they are the gaming fungus, they will want to keep the knowledge to themselves, so the gaming fungus spirit leaves them to find a new fungus. fungi must have influence. the first ever gaming fungus was TheGamingMushroom (fungus the first) and the gaming fungus spirit left him because he didn't have enough influence. the second fungus was TheFungus (fungus the second). he had good influence, so we arent sure what happened for him to lose the spirit of the gaming fungus. he had an existential crisis after the spirit left him. the third gaming fungus was legendary Sebi (fungus the third). He got 2 hours of sleep in 60 hours. the power of the gaming fungus truly thrived. the gaming fungus spirit also leaves people when they arent divine enough to hold the knowledge. this happened to sebi when he sent his pp in #music-commands. the current gaming fungus is Sebastian (fungus the fourth). he owns slaves, who gave him the n word pass. his knowlege is spread through small phrases, such as "n word" and "fuck that hurt" and "ca va bien." it is up to the people he influences to figure this out. there is a pattern to the funguses, and that is two funguses (GamingMushroom, TheFungus) and then two sebastian sounding names (sebi, sebastian). we have determined that the next fungus is The Amungus Fungus (fungus the fifth) the leader of the US military. \
Normie 1: "There's all these the gaming fungus gifs on discord, what even is it?"

Enlightened person 1: "well my brudda, you see..."
by fungusfollower March 02, 2021
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A disease that is caught after one spends an entire day playing video games.
Johnathan: " I miss Jacob."
Jimmy: "What happened to him?"

Jonathan: "He caught gaming fungus."
by weeb2324 January 04, 2021
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