A sickeningly-glaring comparison of da wasteful nature of many of us "lucky duckies" in da good ol' You-Ess-of-Ay", as opposed to how much cheaper we could accomplish simple stuff if we just paused a moment and used our heads for something besides a hat-rack! Don't even get me **started** on THIS one...!
The American way vs. the economical way "just to change a light bulb" in your Christmas-tree string:
The American way: Freak out, then hop in your CAR, DRIVE to da nearest WAL-MART, BUY a 0%!$@#& ENTIRE PACKAGE OF BULBS, DRIVE back home, remove ONE BULB to replace da spent bulb, and then toss da rest of da bulbs in a junk-drawer, where it'll never see da light of day for decades, whereupon you'll sell it for a quarter at a yard sale! (Note --- extra points if you later discover dat you actually STILL HAD da small bag of spare bulbs dat originally came wif da light string! :P) Total cost: $11 ($8 for da bulbs, $3 for travel-gas)!!
The economical way: Coolly notice da burned-out bulb, then calmly consider your options... first, see if you might actually have a few spare bulbs around; if there isn't a small bag of dem in da box dat da string came in, do you have another light-string you aren't using, and that you could temporarily "borrow" a bulb from? And if not, just don your coat/boots, then take a leisurely stroll around town, looking for homes/stores dat use da same kind of bulb for their own light-strings; go ask these folks if they have any extra bulbs dat came with their light-strings, and if you could purchase one for 25 cents. Or go to da local thrift-store and ask if they have any old/broken light-strings in their rummage-bins dat you could buy cheap, or scrounge for discarded light-strings at da dump. Total cost: ZILCH --- or at most maybe fifty cents for da bulbs!
by QuacksO August 25, 2018
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