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thatched roof n : a house roof made with a plant material (as straw)
thatch n.
Plant stalks or foliage, such as reeds or palm fronds, used for roofing.
Something, such as a thick growth of hair on the head, that resembles thatch.
Dead turf, as on a lawn.
thatched, (To cover with thatch) thatching, thatches thatcher n. 
Middle English thacche, alteration (influenced by thecchen, thacchen, to thatch, from Old English theccan, to cover.  thaec, thatch), or thak from Old English thæc (Still sometimes used in the U.K. midlands as ‘thaker’ to describe a thatcher) the word is common to many Teutonic languages in the sense of " roof," " cover "; cf. Du. dak, Ger. dach; from Du. dekken comes " deck"; the Indo-European root is stag, whence Gr. ffreyos, roof, Lat. tegere, to cover; the French equivalent to thatch is chaume - couverture en chaume literally cover in stubble.
The material employed for roofs in the place of tiles, slates or shingles it consists of many different plant materials readily available in the part of the world suitable material is available, of which usually several layers are required, typically in the U.K. to the depth of from 12 to 14 in from
by Leo Wood February 21, 2004
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The act OF covering oneself into ones own excrement during sexual activity. Produces appetising treat on for later and on intoxicating whiff.
He enjoyed thatching himself, because it larva his partner cum more more harder.
by Random November 14, 2003
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