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response to discourse on cunnilingus from darker complected male.

-this USED to be the prevailing attitude of MANY african derived males. in recent years, the value of this (cunnilingus) has become more appreciated as an adjunct
compared to the sole application (and value) of the ramming penis!?. -many women simply do not "get off" from penile stimulation...

it has become MOST DEFINITELY valuable in exchange for the male "blow"...the "setting off" of a woman can NEVER be a bad (or "wrong") thing!!.

after years of encountering this sentiment, (that shit wrong, boy!) it was a breath of fresh air when i heard a black guy telling me, "my women NEVER leave man!", i said why? he just 'slurped' his tongue and lips...i started laughing like HELL!!
la teesha will do anything i want!! -whys' that, main?? (slurp,slurp!!) -response: that shit wrong, boy!

that shit wrong! is WRONG!, boy!!
by michael foolsley March 06, 2011
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