(Note: "thaa" has the same sound as in "gas" or "hat" or "cat)

Thaa nockafeeganist is a mysterious entity of great power. What little we know about him comes from the rantings and ravings of a meth head who is currently in jail in Florida.

Thaa nockafeeganist is said to be the person who experiences NOCKATHUGAYNN in all its intensity, and that if he were to ever scream that word as loud as he could, the whole fuckin world would explode. This is why people sometimes scream NOCKATHUGAYNN real loud, they are trying to see if the fuckin world will blow up but so far it never has because it isnt thaa nockafeeganist doing the yelling.

The identity of thaa nockafeeganist is not certain, however it has been hinted that it might be Doc Brown from Back to the Future, or maybe its Neel Sethi who was that kid in the Jungle Book movie, or maybe if that kid ever had a kid, it would be thaa nockafeeganist.
Meth user #1: NOCKATHUGAYNN!!! is what he scremed real muthafuckin loud!

Meth user #2: Dude who do u think u are, thaa nockafeeganist?
by crystal muthufuckun meth December 6, 2020
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