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rapper/songwriter/engineer from New Jersey who will "set right" the music industry. Symbolism is surrounding "tha Remedy" starting off with a lower case "t" symbolizing a cross since he is a believer in Jesus Christ. followed by an "a", purposefully misspelled to identify the "imperfections" of this hiphop artist. Next we have the full word Remedy used to show hope, faith, confidence, reliance on his savior, and of course a written "prescription" to music. Since he is still human and imperfect, you will also hear times of sorrow, frustration, and impatience. one things for certain, he is tha Remedy to himself, his fans, supporters, and targeted towards anyone who appreciates good music.
have you listened to tha Remedy's new song finer things pt II on youtube ?! i also heard his mixtape REMsleep will be out in 2015! tha Remedy is AWESOMEEEEE
by rems September 29, 2014
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