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1. When your friends or family go out, and they post pictures on Facebook or Instagram, but you don't seem to be in any of them. And you realize, you weren't invited.

You say, "thanks for the invite, bitches." Or just, "tftib." The "b" can also stand for the singular word, "bitch."

This is a variant of "tfti" that is to be used when you were bored at home the whole day and would have liked to do something nice because it is summer. And you would normally be ok when people don't invite you because you're independent like that, but this time, you're not happy. Because you really wanted to go out, have fun, and sing "Call Me Maybe" and One Direction in the car.

2. Same as above, but you aren't sarcastic this time. That's because you would rather go to an American Idol audition, wait for 6 hours, and be humiliated rather than hanging out with losers who can't please you even if they tried.
1. Madelle updated her status: "Looking for Megatron at Lake Mead."
Lemuel commented: "tftib"

Lorna: "I'm so sore. I went kickboxing yesterday."
Lemuel: "tftib"

Juan: "I went rock climbing with a girl yesterday."
Lemuel: "And you had sex after? Well, tftib!"

2. Madelle: "Me, Mark, Brian, and Crista are going to get sushi later. Wanna come?"
Lemuel: "Oh, Brian? I'm busy, but tftib."

Angy: "Let's go to bdubs and watch the Spurs game."
Lemuel: "Uhm, I have a family emergency. Tftib."
by SnitchSeekaHarry June 08, 2013
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