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When someone sends you a text, and you fail to have any interest in encouraging a long 'text' conversation.
Person 1: hey, I've had the worst week ever... I'm about to flip my shit. Uggghhhhhhh... anyways, what's going on with you?

Person 2: nada.

Person 1: oh.... well, did you here about Mark and I.

Person 2: nope.

Person 1: We got into a huge fight a couple days ago ... he started going on and on about some stupid shit I couldn't even follow. Plus he was drunk, and all like 'why are you such a bitch' and blah blah.... and I was all like 'why are you such an asshole'.... and it went like that for an hour. so I just told him to get bent and bounced."

Person 2: oh, that sucks.

Person 1: yeah.... well, shit happens... right. what's wrong with you, is everything ok?

Person 2: I'm fine... guess I just have textapathy.
by udftw January 17, 2009
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